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1.What is 10 Minute Job Work?
10 Minute Job Work, is one of the latest on demand Job work released by Oracle OutSource. Because of huge requests from people worldwide to have job work which can be really done in 10 Minutes. Our 10 Minute Job Work is for those you really want to make extra income in their spare time. Today anyone can easily spend 10 Minutes a day to do the task. This 10 Minute Job Work will easily pay all your monthly bills and can even do extra shopping\'s for you.

2.What\'s the minimum qualification & Skills required?
Qualification :- One should be able to read, write and type in English easily. Should know basics of internet. Candidate should be atleast 18 Years of age.
Skills :- Internet surfing, average typing speed of atleast 20 WPM.

3.How it works?
In this 10 Minute Job Work, it hardly going to take 10 Minutes to complete 10 Enteries. Each entry will be purely text matter of 1-2 line only. There won\'t be any tables, special characters, symbols, images or anything which won\'t be able to type using your computer keyboard.

Once you register, you can access the details and tools from the My Account Section, you\'ll find all your details, real time earning statistics, completed job work details etc. The My Account will be having all the text contents which you have to use.

You don\'t have to go anywhere outside My Account, everything will be there, just enter things in the text box and click submit. For each entry you do payment is credited with $1 USD. That means for each text entry of (1-2 lines) you are paid $1 USD. Amazing isn\'t...

4.How many entries I have to do in a day?
There is no minimum no. of entries to be done in a day. Every month you should atleast submit a minimum of 300 entries and maximum 3000 entries you can do.

5.What if I submit less than 300 entries in a month, will I be paid for that?
If you submit less than 300 entries in a month, you won't be paid for that however payment for respective entries will be carry forwarded to next month.

6.What if I entered wrong text entry, will I be paid for that?
No, you won\'t be paid for wrong entry, which includes, spelling mistakes, half context, jumble of contents etc. You\'ve to type as it is provided in the My Account.

7.How I or you know, whether I entered correct entries?
Once you enter the text entries, you can cross check the same from contents given inside the My Account, for us our system indicates any wrong entry made by you.

8.Can I update any entry wrongly entered by me?
No you can\'t. Once you submit it directly goes for checking.

9.What if I submit more than 3000 entries in a month, will be paid extra for this?
No you won't be paid extra if you submit more than 3000 entries in a month.
However, if you\'re intended to earn more, and like to do more entries you can take more accounts under your name. One person can take at the most 10 Accounts in his/her name. To take more than 10 Accounts you need to contact through our customer support section.

10.After completion of the work, when payments are made and how?
Payments are made every month between 7th - 15th. In case you don't receive payment on or before 20th of the day, repayment is done on 22nd of the month.
Payments are sent in the same mode you select in registration form, you can also update your details in My Account Section under change payout method.
We will credit payment to your PayPal account, alertpay account, western union, moneygram, bank wire, fund transfer, moneybookers, cheques etc.

11.Is it compulsory to do the task in 10 Minutes?
No, its not compulsory - you can even complete the task in 24hrs. We say 10 Minutes, because one can do all the entries in 10 Minutes. We even give 100% Money Back Guarantee if it takes more than 10 Minutes to complete for any valid reason.

12.Perfect, I got all my points cleared out for the moment, what if I get any problem or query in future or after registering with the job work whom to contact and how?
Once you register, you will be provided with the My Account, which will be having complete instant customer care support center and live chat options 24hrs, which you can use to clarify all your doubts. You can also visit our knowledgebase section for any query. Paid members get special attention phone nos.

13.Fine, How to get register for the job?
To get register for the job, click register - make payment of $100 USD. Once you made the payment within 24-48hrs particular job will be activated in your my account section under Ten minute job. You will find all instructions and other infos to get started with 10 Minute Job Work.

14.Why do you charge registration fees if its a genuine Job?
Simply Providing a job doesn\'t make a sense, in today\'s time everyone wants things in a flash, whether its a job work, servers, earning details or support. To provide all these things there is a backend office or support systems which covers all these things and makes sure you don\'t get any problem, whether its loading of work, real time earning statistics, email support or chat support. Customer satisfaction is the first priority in today\'s business world, so what we are providing with a small administrative charges.

Also as explained it incurs, administrative charges, and another valid reason is to avoid spam workers and hackers from entering our server. If we keep things free, daily millions of people visit our site and in a matter of few hrs all jobs will be over, and who knows who is the real job worker and it makes worst while distributing the job work. So to avoid all these, a paid member makes us comfort in believing to be a real worker.

If you\'ve any further query please our customer support section or use our Chat Service


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